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About This Mama

Hi there!Yep, that's me

I’m Mary Anna.  I’m a mother of two beautiful boys, and I love to sew.

I sew on a Bernina Virtuosa 160 that my mother-in-law gave me when she upgraded her machine a few years ago.  It sat in my craft room closet, collecting dust, until I decided to make a blanket for a friend’s baby shower.  Fabric in one hand, instruction manual in the other, I learned how to use my machine – and learned that sewing is a passion.

I’ve been sewing since January 2009 and feel like it’s second nature now.  I love a challenge and love to learn new things.  I comb the blogosphere for inspiration, tutorials and helpful hints.  I live in a world of UFOs and am starting to realize that I shouldn’t turn every orphan block into a pillow!  (Or, maybe I should get a ginormous new sofa!)

My wonderfully supportive husband doesn’t complain too much that embroidery floss and yarn are as much of our living room decor as vintage books and family photos.  He doesn’t complain that our formal dining table has become my sewing table so I can work when the boys are playing.  He doesn’t complain that I put the finishing of a project higher on the priority list than unloading the dishwasher or putting away the laundry.  And, he doesn’t complain that I talk fat quarters, fabrics, notions and quilt blocks to him.  He also dutifully nods and compliments when I show him something I’ve done.  (Sorry ladies, he’s all mine!)

Some people find it strange that I sew so much and I am a boy mom.  I’m asked almost daily if I plan to have a girl.  I laugh and reply “No.  God likes to pick on me, so I’d end up with twin boys.”  And, that’s all honesty!

Yep, that’s me
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  1. Magda permalink
    August 10, 2012 10:53 pm

    Hi Mary Anna
    I found your website through somebody’s suggestion on
    They said you had a tutorial on making a baby gown with flip over mittens. I cannot find it though and I am quite desperate for your help. I have a baby with bad eczema so that would be a life saver. Could you please point us in the right direction?
    I would really appreciate your help

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