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Time-saving Tool: Organizher Meal Planner

June 24, 2010


The organizing gurus at Mead have introduced a new line of products called Organizher.  These affordable products are geared toward us moms – which they refer to as “household managers.”  (I like that!) 

Anyhoo, on their site, they have lots and lots of free downloads to make our lives easier. 

My favorite is the Shopping Companion.   It’s landscape oriented and features a calendar on the left and a shopping list on the right. 

Here’s how I use it: 

As I’m meal planning for the week, I jot down the recipes and their sources on the days on the left.  The calendar has space for lunch and dinner, but I use the lunch space to make note of that week’s goings-on. 

On the right side, I make note of ingredients I need to add to my master grocery list.  It has space for four lists.  I make a header for Produce, Meat/Cheese/Deli/Seafood, Grocery/Dairy/Frozen and Miscellaneous. 

Once my list is complete, I add the items to my master grocery list.  (BTW: I use the GroceryIQ app, which is a free download for your iPhone!) 

After I’ve moved items to my master list, I fold the sheet in half so just the calendar part shows.  Then, I hang it on the side of my fridge so I can pull it out for reference throughout the week. 

{Confession time!}
I do not cook the meals on the days I write them on the list.  Instead, I use the calendar as my menu for the week.  I make what I’m in the mood for each day.  There’s a great peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got all the ingredients for supper waiting for you.  And, I always keep a frozen pizza or two in the freezer, just in case I’m not in the mood!

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