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This Mama: The Interview

August 24, 2009

I asked Mitchell, my 4-year-old, to ask me some questions so readers can get to know me better.  Here are his questions, verbatim, and my answers.

Why do you like to run? 
It makes me feel good – and it helps relieve stress.

Why is your favorite color? 

What’s your favorite magazine?
“Real Simple.”

Why does Max like to play with these mice toys? 
Because she’s a cat.

What’s your favorite kind of meat? 
Petite filet.

Why do you sometimes wear hats? 
Probably because I’m trying to keep the sun out of my face.  Or, because I didn’t wash my hair before going outside to sweat.  (I also like to wear a cap when I run; it helps shade my face and keep the sweat from dripping.)

Why do you like monkeys? 
Because I live in a house full of them!

Why is your house full of monkeys? 
Because I have two crazy boys.

Why did God make sweat? 
Scientifically, you sweat to keep your body cool.

How good do you sew? 
Pretty good, I guess.

You could be in a sewing contest.  And, everyone in our family would be there.  And, I would cheer for you because I really want you to win.

Why do people buy glow-in-the-dark fabric? 
I guess so they could find their pajamas in the dark.

Why do people have so many cats around? 
I don’t know; we only have one.

What if you stepped on a mouse? 
I would probably scream.

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  1. December 22, 2009 5:09 pm

    Your son sounds adorable! What a cute way for your readers to learn more about you. Don’t kids ask the cutest questions? I mean, my questions would have probably been so much more practical. I like the 4 year old version much better.


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